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Bonus Tracks

Writing is mostly about leaving things behind. For every page that appears in a book, there are dozens of pages that don't make the cut.

Sometimes it isn't because they are lousy (although sometimes it is because they are lousy), but because they just don't fit in the final version. I thought it might be fun to post some pieces that didn't make it into a book, but I liked.

Two Parties Preface

This was the original preface to Two Parties. In the end, we decided that it didn't add much and it was better just to start off in the opening scene, but it is still sort of fun, particularly if you've already read the book.

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This is one of my favorite essays out of all of the ones I wrote as part of Four Square and the Politics of Sixth Grade Lunch, but it really doesn't fit with the others, so it didn't make the cut.

I cannibalized a few pieces of it for the preface and the final essay, but I still like the original. It is about teaching Latin and being a Latin teacher.

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