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What it's about

Four Square and the Politics of Sixth Grade Lunch is a collection of essays I wrote over the course of my teaching career. I began working on it when I realized that I wrote a lot and I taught a lot, but I almost never wrote about teaching.

It isn't a how to teach kind of book or a how I saved the youth of tomorrow. I think those kinds of books are great, but what I find most interesting about teaching is the day to day life of a classroom.

So this is a books about small moments - like trying to figure out how to get students to do homework and the maggot conversations at lunch and why I felt it was important to pretend I didn't notice that half of my students dressed up like princesses one day.

I think teachers will enjoy it, but I wrote it mostly for anyone who survived middle school and wondered why on earth anyone would ever want to teach sixth graders.

What they're saying about it

"With simple directness and an honesty that is, by turns, moving, healing, and ultimately affriming, Mr. Goldman take us into his world. In so doing, he reminds us of the fundamental importance of getting to know our studetns as people, of teasing out and sorthing through their needs, and of struggling to find the best way to meet those needs." - from the Foreword by Bill Ivey

"You will find yourself smiling as you identify with these genuine vignettes of life with middle schoolers. Written in an informal, personal, conversational style, these essays have unexpected power to reveal significant truths about education and insights into often overlooked aspects of teaching. If only educational policymakers would this timely book." - John Lounsbury

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TITLE: Four Squareand the Politics of Sixth Grade Lunch
ISBN: 978-1-56090-241-6
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